At Banyan we specialize in helping clients design and implement employee benefit programs.

We don't just provide benefits, We empower your workforce.

Employees first approach



Our mission is to help you nurture your well-being, growth, and financial security through tailored employee benefits programs.

A team with over 45 years of experience

Cultivating trust through four decades, our team's seasoned expertise ensures tailored insurance solutions for your peace of mind.

We operate nationwide

From coast to coast, our nationwide reach means your needs are met, wherever you are.

Technology Solutions

We provide technology platforms or tools for benefits administration, saving time and resources for our clients.

Client-Centric Focused

We tailor enrollment strategies to match employee demographics, considering hourly staff, company type, job sites, and more.

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Committed to Cultivating Employee Well-being, Growth, and Financial Security through Customized Benefits Programs.

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Elevate Your Coverage with Top-Tier Insurance Options

We provide insurance options from the industry's top-tier providers.

Empowering Your Success with Our Comprehensive Toolkit

We deliver a comprehensive suite of tools and services to meet all your needs.

Dedicated to Empowering Our Agent and Broker Partners

We are dedicated to our network of agent and broker partners, ranging from individual agents to national firms.

Simplify Plan Enrollment and Administration with Ease

We alleviate the complexities of plan enrollment and administration.