Work with our Technology Service specialists to identify or optimize software solutions that align with your overall employee benefit strategies.

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Our professionals assist with platform selection, integration, ongoing support, member experience, and optimization.

Improve Efficiency in Recruitment and Retention.

Our technology services are designed to enhance the efficiency of your recruitment and retention processes. By leveraging advanced tools and strategies, we help you find and keep the best talent for your organization. This means reduced time-to-hire, decreased turnover rates, and a more streamlined approach to workforce management. We understand that in today's competitive business landscape, having the right people in the right positions is crucial for success.

Streamline the Employee Experience

We focus on simplifying and optimizing the employee experience within your organization. Our technology solutions aim to eliminate unnecessary complexities and ensure that every employee's journey with your company is smooth and enjoyable. By removing friction from onboarding, day-to-day tasks, and HR interactions, we contribute to a more engaged and satisfied workforce. When employees can focus on their roles without hindrances, productivity and morale rise.

Generate Measurable Results

Our technology services don't just promise improvements; they deliver quantifiable, data-driven results. We employ robust analytics and tracking tools to measure the impact of our solutions. This means you can see and understand the tangible benefits your organization gains from our services. From increased cost savings to enhanced performance metrics, we provide the evidence you need to make informed decisions and prove the value of your investments.

Increased Time Management and Productivity

With our technology services, you can expect significant improvements in time management and overall productivity. We understand the demands of today's fast-paced business environment, and our solutions are geared towards helping your workforce make the most of their time. By automating repetitive tasks, optimizing workflows, and providing effective tools, we empower your employees to focus on what truly matters - their core responsibilities and value-added activities.


Services Overview

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EDI/API Integration Support

Ongoing Software Update

Software Implmentation

Needs Assessment and Decision Support

Member Experience and Optimization Tools

Secure Data Management


Services Overview

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EDI/API integration support

Yes, exactly, we do support Nokia 3310, how? We don't know, but somehow our app is accessible through WAP... wtf?

Needs assessment and decision support

Visually elegant, and totally integrated into iOS. Personalize your look with a custom theme color, and gorgeous night mode.

Software implementation

Gesture controls, a fully navigable landscape mode and auto-lock disabling make Music App a perfect choice controlling your music in the car.

Member experience and optimization tools

Directly control groups of tracks such as artists, genres, and playlists and easily play or shuffle their contents.

Ongoing software support

Tag tracks with multiple genres by dividing with commas or semi-colons, and Music App will do the rest!

Ongoing software support

Keep your music on your device or in the Cloud. Music App is fully compatible with iTunes Match and Apple Music added to "My Music".