Proven Success in Wellness Program Implementation


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Each client is paired with a dedicated Banyan program manager who collaborates with the internal wellness team or designated point-person.

Long-Term Behavior Change Initiatives

Promoting lasting behavior change through lifestyle-focused wellness initiatives.

Engagement Campaigns for Wellness

Engaging employees with wellness campaigns to foster healthier lifestyles.

Regulations & ACA Guidance

Providing guidance and compliance support for ACA, EEOC, and federal regulations.

Claims Data Analytics & Integration

Analyzing claims data and integrating it with wellness benchmarks for informed decision-making.

From workplace wellness consulting to full implementation, Banyan offers brokers and consultants a comprehensive solution. Tailoring corporate wellness programs to the specific needs of the workforce and the client's budget, our team designs programs with consistent offerings and opportunities for long-term sustainability. Banyan's objective goes beyond delivering isolated wellness initiatives — our aim is to foster a culture of health by promoting lasting behavior change.

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Personalized Client-Manager Collaboration


Banyan corporate wellness programs are created to engage employees through a turnkey delivery model, alleviating the administrative burden on the client.

Wellness Strategy Development

Provider Sourcing and Management

Financial & Incentive Recommendations

Worksite Planning Support

Survey Tools for Needs Assessment

Wellness Campaigns

Streamlined Employee Engagement with Banyan Wellness Programs

Our experts in the health and wellness field boast a remarkable track record of successfully executing large-scale projects and establishing enduring wellness programs for insurance brokers.

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