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An alternate funding plan presents its own distinct set of challenges, but you can overcome them with support from the Banyan team. We'll ensure you are well-prepared.

Long-Term Savings

While initial setup and administration costs might be higher than traditional insurance, the potential for long-term savings and the ability to reap the benefits of wellness programs can make alternate funding more cost-effective over time.

Cost Control

Alternate funding allows businesses to have more control over their healthcare costs. By assuming some of the risk, they can potentially reduce overall expenses.

Cash Flow Benefits

Alternate funding may improve cash flow as businesses pay for claims as they occur rather than prepaying premiums.

Tax Advantages

Certain funding options, like Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), offer tax advantages for both the employer and employees.

Looking for alternate funding options is always a good option for employers with 15 employees or more. In fact, for mid to large-size employers, some alternative funding options almost always makes sense. However, no matter what size business you own, all types of benefits plans should be considered to ensure you are choosing the smartest option for your current needs. Alternate funding is a broad ecosphere with a wide range of solutions suited for just about any sized organization. Annual evaluation of these programs and how they fit your organization will be the best way to determine which course of action is right for you. As your benefits partner, our role is to compile expected and worst case cost scenarios, discuss various plan designs, and ensure you understand any potential changes alternate funding options will make to your health plan so you can decide when “the right time” becomes now.

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Overcoming Challenges with Banyan


Traditionally insured policies often combine your risk factors with those of others, creating limitations and prices over which you have no influence. Alternate funding allows you to control these risk factors for a better overall plan outcome.

Risk Assessment

Level Funding

HRAs – Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Self-Funding for Dental and Vision

Provider Network Access

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Take Control of Your Costs

Gone are the days of cookie cutter, rigid insurance plans. Alternate funding gives you the freedom to design and create fully customized health benefit packages which can adapt to meet your company’s needs. Future-proof your benefits.

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